RP: Hi David! Thank you very much for your time to answer a few questions, which might be interesting for our customers. So first of all, you have contacted us on facebook and you asked us, if we would ship our products to Australia as well. When and how have you recognized Rough Part the first time?  

Hi Markus! I first found your company when I was scrolling through the discover feed on my instagram in July this year. I viewed the photo you posted and followed it further to your “Rough Parts” profile.

RP: What ultimately motivated you to get in touch with us? 

Youre products appeal to me more than any other. Especially the robust design and maximum use of stainless steel.

RP: Were the ordered Rear Lamp Guards the only products to which you were interested in, or are there other products that you would like to order as well? If it is so, explain us please, why they are of interest for you. 

I am also interested in the side, rockslider protection plates, rear window insert with compressor fittings and your front lamp guards. I am all for the protection of my defender, and these products will protect areas which will easily be damaged when off-roading. They are especially appealing as you use stainless steel plate, rather than aluminium, like most other companies. I also very much like the idea of the rear window insert with compressor fittings. I can see myself using this product a lot. 


RP: For what do you use your Defender? I.e. do you do a lot of offroading or do you do mainly traveling with it? We ask that question, because we would like to know, what you expect from our product in terms of function. 

My Puma 90 serves as a tradesman car during the week, and an off-roading, camping, adventuremobile on the weekends. I expect my car to perform every day.

RP: We always try to offer the best customer service. What was your impression on that? Was it normal for you or were we able to make a difference to our competitors? And please tell us the truth! ;o) 

Markus at Rough Parts really went above and beyond all my customer service expectations. All questions were answered swiftly, even though there is a large time zone difference between Australia and Switzerland! The team over at Rough Parts tailored my order to suit my needs. I felt like I was more important to the team at Rough Parts than the products they offer. I really felt like Rough Parts wanted to satisfy my needs rather than make a sale.

RP: It was the first time for us we have shipped products to Australia. Was the delivery time for you acceptable or did you expect it earlier? Have you already ordered stuff from Europe in the past and how quick did you get these? 

Delivery was great! The parts were shipped on the 2nd of November and were outside my door in Australia on the 12th of November. I have ordered parts from Europe before which can take double the time.

RP: How would you assess the quality of our products? Do they meet your expectations? Did the description on our webshop give you all the required information you were looking for? 

The high quality expectations that I had from viewing the products online were matched, even excelling expectations once I received the products

RP: Sometimes our customers have concerns whether they can mount the components themselves or whether they have to go to a workshop. How was that for you? Did everything work well or were there unexpected problems? How long did it take? 

I have only used rivet nuts once before, keeping this in mind, I found installing the rear corners and indicator protectors quite easy. The most important advice I can provide when using a rivet nut, is to mark all holes, check, drill pilot hole and check if all holes are in line before drilling final size hole. It took me roughly 45 minutes, but it is most important to take your time when drilling into your defender! Rivet nuts are a great way of creating a fixing point, which Rough Parts have utilised well!

RP: Would you consider another order in the future? 

Yes, of course. As mentioned before I am interested in the rear window insert with compressor fittings, rock sliders and maybe even a sneaky work light.


RP: Is there something we can make generally better? Not only on the service side, but maybe also on the product side itself? 

The customer service has already exceeded expectations. In terms of the product, i found that the rear light reflectors are stuck onto Defenders here in Australia. The Rough Parts rear corner protection has stainless steel thread which enables a reflector to be fixed to the corner. In order to have the reflector fixed onto the new corner protection, a new reflector must be purchased, or maybe take to the old reflector with a drill!

RP: Is there a product that you would like to find at our webshop, but we don`t have until today? 

I wouldnt mind finding some light bar/ ariel mounts in stainless steel, black or mill finish! Light bar mounts above the roof, on bonnet near side mirrors, over bonnet and rear of car. And an ariel mount off the back door/license plate light area and or front wings.

RP: Thank you for your time and enjoy our products!